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community booth

community booth



As part of the Waco Downtown Farmers Market (WDFM)’s mission to enrich the culture of our community, we are happy to offer local organizations and small business a space to share their good work through tabling and demonstrations at the market. Due to interest in the Community Booth, we can only host one community organization each Saturday. The Community Booth is booked in advance and on a first-come, first served basis. We place highest priority on organizations and local businesses that emphasize outreach and demonstrations related to Eating, Growing, Making, and Moving – but whose business does not meet the standard vendor criteria to participate.

If you are interested in having a booth at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market or learning more about the Community Booth, please review the information below.

General Information

Non-profit organizations and small businesses with a focus on Eat/Grow/Make/Move are eligible to be community booths at the market. Organizations and businesses may also contact the Market about sponsorship opportunities.



  • Non-profits provide customers with information about unique projects around the city and add to the community feel of the market.

  • Organizations represent many interests from local food and healthy living to conservation and youth empowerment.

  • Community booths for non-profit organizations are FREE.



  • Small Businesses must feature interactive demonstrations related to the theme of Eat/Grow/Make/Move.

  • The decision to allow any retail business at market is at the sole discretion of the Market Manager.

  • Small businesses will be charged a fee of $100 to participate as a Community Booth



SITE details

  • One 10’ x 10’ tent, one 6’ table and two chairs are provided.

  • Market Hours are 9am-1pm year-round (with summer hours of 9am-12pm in July and August).

  • Set up by 8:30am and have all vehicles removed from the site.

  • Remain at your booth until the end of the Market.

  • Anticipate 1500-3000 visitors.

  • Access to electricity is extremely limited. Check with the Market Manager before planning on use of electricity.



  • Fundraising efforts require permission of market management and shall be limited to appropriate items that do not compete with regular market vendor sales, match the market’s standards of healthy and local, and are in accordance with City and State health codes and licensing.

  • Distribution of samples or free items must be cleared by market management and may require a hand washing station.

  • If you would like us to include information about your booth in our social media or on our website please provide the information at least one week prior to your scheduled market date.


To Apply

Please click here to download the Community Booth Application, fill it out and email it to the Market Assistant: wdfm.assistant@gmail.com