Waco downtown farmers market

Staff & Board

staff & board


bethel erickson-bruce, market manager

Bethel grew up amidst the corn and soybean ocean-like fields of the wild mid-west.  She then studied social work in Decorah, IA – and came away touched by its love of small agriculture and seed saving.  Her story drove her into the heart of Chicago and the big-little city of Wilmington, DE, where she worked with men transitioning out of prison and families transitioning out of homelessness.

With this random skill set of a young 20-something, it is only fitting that Bethel landed in Waco, TX – and joined the rough and tumble crew at the World Hunger Relief Farm, which led her to the Urban Gardening Coalition, and eventually to the Waco Downtown Farmers Market.

She has spent the last three years in the mountains of Montana working for a local food bank to increase access to healthy, affordable food – and is excited to return home to the Waco community to continue work with the thinkers and dreamers and doers who are creatively working to build a stronger, healthier community for all of us who love to eat.

Bethel has two sons – Jasper Jack and Angus Augustus – and her husband Jonathan is a 6th grade science teacher at Rapoport Academy.


kaitlyn breedlove, market assistant

Kaitlyn was born and raised in North Carolina and studied art history at UNC-Chapel Hill. After graduation she worked making pickles, preserves, and pastries for a vendor at the Carrboro Farmer’s Market. After moving to Durham, she and her husband Thomas attempted to start an urban farm, and she found herself owner of two goats and sixty chickens. In 2016, she and Thomas moved to Waco for his graduate program at Baylor University. During her first year in Waco, Kaitlyn held an AmeriCorps position at World Hunger Relief, developing curriculums for cooking classes focused on using fresh, local produce. She has come to love the Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market and is excited to be a part of the organization.

Kaitlyn’s son Jack was born in May, 2018, and she expects that he will soon be a regular face at the WDFM.

Our Board


Chris McGowan – President

Megan Henderson – Vice President

Frankie Beckwith – Secretary

Ryan Pattillo-Treasurer

Malcolm Duncan

Sara Shoup

Toby Tull

Jenna Swanson

Marc Barrett

Nancy Goodnight

Dillon Meek

Wendy Gragg

Anna-Louise Deaver