Local Vendors

We require that all of our producers grow within 150-miles of Waco. This ensures that we are continually offering the freshest, highest quality produce to you!

* Please keep in mind that not all vendors may be present each and every week.To check which vendors are present, please contact [email protected]

Anthem Studios

Anthem Studios is our local artists’ co-op booth and they feature a rotation of local artisan crafters each Saturday. You can find handmade jewelry, stationery and cards, leather goods and stitched crafts.

During the week they occupy the Praetorian building downtown on 6th and Franklin.

Artisan Oven

Artisan Oven is family-owned and operated by Terry Glueck and his daughter, Grace, along with the rest of the family and good friends.

Their slowly fermented and naturally leavened breads are gently and skillfully developed by their bakers as they adhere to the time-honored craft and art of traditional bread baking. Their focus is on nutritious organic breads that do not contain preservatives or additives. Their mobile brick oven – the Chariot of Fire! – is always ready to move to any gathering looking for pizza.

For more information, visit : http://bakerywaco.com/

Brazos Valley Cheese

Brazos Valley Cheese is dedicated to crafting all-natural, high quality, healthy cheese using traditional methods and no artificial flavors, preservatives or coloring. Our milk comes from grass-fed cows that graze freely on three local Brazos River Valley Jersey/Brown Swiss dairies that do not use growth hormones or antibiotics. The high butterfat content of this milk makes rich, yellow, creamy cheeses that are used by the finest chefs and sold at the best retail shops in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin and Houston. Every one of our cheeses is made with raw cow’s milk and all the hard cheeses are aged in our underground cheese cave.

For more information, visit : http://www.brazosvalleycheese.com/

Cheddar Box

Cheddar Box is a gourmet grilled cheese stand bringing Wacoans flavor-packed sandwiches featuring local bread and cheese artisans.
With a rotating menu, each week patrons will have the fun opportunity to vote for the sandwiches they want us to feature the following week.

Co-Town Crepes

Co-Town Crepes has been with the Waco Downtown Farmers Market since both their inceptions back in 2011. And what a hit they’ve become! Co-Town Crepes are legendary – and a line is to be expected.

Each Saturday morning, the deliciously intoxicating smell of sweet batter drifts through the Market, luring customers to their booth to order savory BLT or jalapeno popper crepes – or to indulge in a decadent nutella-banana-strawberry crepe topped with home-made cinnamon whipped cream. But really the options are endless.

For more information, visit : cotowncrepes.com

Dairy Meadow Soaps

We are three generations on a small farm in beautiful central Texas. We, Ron and Cheryl, have had dairy goats for 21 years now, and all our soaps are made fresh from their nourishing milk.

Our creamy goat’s milk soap is made from all natural, good-for-you ingredients, many from our own farm. Each mild bar contains our fresh goat’s milk, pure rainwater, natural glycerin, vegetable oils, special additives such as herbs, ground oatmeal or honey from our bees and only the best therapeutic-grade of essential oils.

For more information, visit : http://dairymeadowsoaps.com/

Dichotomy Coffee

Dichotomy Coffee is the finest crafted coffee in Waco – and thankfully it’s hot and fresh every Saturday morning at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market! Dichotomy fist launched at the farmers market – but quickly expanded to a coffee and spirits establishment on the 500 block Austin Ave. in 2013.

Check out their story on the Chisholm Crossing.
Read their review on Waco Fork.

Double B Farms

Double B Farms has been with the WDFM since the beginning – constantly evolving all of the delightful treats they bring to market.

First it all started with pastured poultry. Then home-made cookies, made from scratch. Now they are know for their delightfully sweet tea drinks, natural dog food made from the extra parts of their chicken, and their new BBQ sauce. They also make hot wings and corn dogs at Market every Saturday!

Happy Harvest

Beet hummus?! That’s right, you can find that beautiful purple concoction and more at Happy Harvest’s booth at the market. You can also find homemade granola, goat milk yogurt parfaits with fresh, local fruit, and breakfast muffins here.

You can also find Happy Harvest goodies at Gourmet Gallery, a fresh, local and healthy food establishment with cooking classes, nutritional counseling and fun recipes!

Happy Stuff

Happy Stuff is all about some all natural home and body products – with a social conscience – specializing in: lip balms (Happy Lips), deodorants (Happy Pits), solid lotion bars (Happy Hands), and laundry soap (Happy Clothes).

For more information, visit : http://www.happystuff.us/

Johnson’s Backyard Garden

In 2004, Johnson’s Backyard Garden literally got its start in a small urban backyard. In just three years, JBG grew from a backyard garden to a 1,000-member community supported agriculture operation (CSA).

With this expansion, they are working hard to bring their high-quality organic produce to more members of the central Texas community.

For more information, visit : https://www.jbgorganic.com/


Luna Juice

Luna Juice Bar is a family owned and operated business that makes fresh pressed juice, whole food smoothies and all natural, raw treats. We believe in the healing power of what we put into our bodies. Juicing is a great way to get a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals and various other beneficial nutrients. Smoothies are also a great way to get your daily servings of fresh vegetables.

You can currently find us at the Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market every Saturday as well as other Central Texas farmer’s markets. Stop by and sample our delicious products and get a free hug!

For more information, visit : http://www.lunajuicebar.com/

Passion Garden

Passion Garden joined the Waco Downtown Farmers Market in the spring of 2014. They are the MOST LOCAL of all of our vendors – growing on a couple of lots just across the river in East Waco. If you take a drive down Franklin as it turns into Taylor St. across the river, you’ll notice the beautiful flowers blooming in Kay and Virgil Bell’s gardens.

Throughout the year, Kay is busy growing radishes, beets, onions, red potatoes, herbs flowers, turnip greens, mustards, kale, peppers, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, squash, melons, peas, cabbage, and collard greens. But she doesn’t stop there. Kay is also well-known for her herbal teas and lotions.

Pecan Shop

We use local wildflower honey from Walker’s Honey company, Redmond Real Salt Sea Salt, certified organic USA apple, and other top quality ingredients in our recipes that we eat every day in our family, and share with all our customers.

We use low temperatures to preserve vitamins and enzymes in their raw state.
We are committed to sustainable farming and local family enterprises. We love to share the good food we have found and offer to other families, co-ops, and stores, selling in bulk or pre-packaged. Please let us know how we might work together.
Try Fresh, Family Recipe Crispy, Mesquite-Smoked or Apple Pie Natives, all handmade by our family our small family farm.

For more information, visit : http://www.pecanshop.com/

Rancho Martinez Tamales

Selling fresh and frozen tamales every Saturday at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market – featuring non-gmo corn in tasty flavor combinations of cheese & jalapeno, pastured chicken, cheese & black bean, and grass-fed beef.

Richardson Farm

We are conservation minded in our farming efforts and care deeply about the health and well-being of our animals. All of our livestock are in large open areas and are free to interact with each other.

Our cattle are strictly grass fed! The hogs and chickens are pastured and fed with a grain supplement that we produce on our farm. There are no growth hormones or antibiotics used. Richardson Farms also offers free ranged whole chickens and fresh eggs.

We also supply various products to several Austin area restaurants. If you are interested in trying some of our products, we highly suggest you visit on of these restaurants and sample some of their amazing creations!

For more information, visit : http://www.richardsonfarms.com/

Round Rock Honey

From field to hive to table, Round Rock Honey is never anything more or less than nature intended it to be: “That which the bees give us, we give you. When we say 100% honey, we mean it!!”

Round Rock honey is not a varietal honey, but instead a true wildflower honey. Producing wildflower honey is difficult, but in the opinion of Round Rock Honey it is more important to focus on quality than on quantity!

Unlike the big honey conglomerates, we don’t use diatomaceous earth to make the honey clear, or add heat to extend shelf life.

For more information, visit : http://www.roundrockhoney.com/

Sergio’s Food Truck

The best place in town to go on a Saturday morning for breakfast burritos! Renowned for his amazing seafood, Sergio Garcia joins us at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market with his food truck every Saturday featuring amazing taco truck fare.

Star Farmers Market

Star Farmers Market is a small (under 15 acres) varietal farm, with some ‘you pick’ crops, seasonal crops nearly year round, several farmers markets besides their road side store which has jams, jellies, butters, local honey besides all the crops they can possibly think of and then some.

Spring crops are Strawberries, rhubarb and a few different greens, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, green onions, then comes blackberries, peaches, plums, grapes, potatoes, onions, squashes of several varieties, salad greens, tomatoes, peas (black eyes, purple hulls, creamers and maybe some others). They have some okra, snow peas or sugar peas, hot and sweet peppers, winter squash, pumpkins and then start all over again.

Their farm is not certified organic but they do abide by all organic standards in growing your produce.

TLC Farms

TLC Farms is a home-based business offering high quality artisan soaps, lotions, and other body care products using the milk from their herd of prizewinning Nubian dairy goats, known for their high butterfat milk – combined with certified organic olive, coconut, and castor oils, as well as she butter and cocoa butter.

TLC Farms is located approximately 40 miles north of Bryan, Texas on 15 acres of rolling post oak savannah. Not only do Tom and Caroline milk their goats – but they make the most wonderful goats’ milk soaps and lotions you’ve ever tried!

For more information, visit : http://www.tlc-farms.com/index.htm

Woods Acres

Woods Acres is a new farm to the Waco – growing out on beautiful land just north of town on Buster Chatham Road. They specialize in palate extension! Right now Woods Acres is in the busy growing heirloom and open-pollinated vegetable transplants as well as fresh season-extended produce with a twist!

Their grafted heirloom/open-pollinated, garden-ready vegetable transplants (with a particular focus on tomatoes) will be set for your home and community projects – and their unusual and exotic produce (such as Argentine mainstay summer squash) should bring an added sense of panache to your dinner plate! Woods Acres loves to grow less-cultivated varieties of standard fair produce!

World Hunger Relief, Inc.

Currently the World Hunger Relief Farm trains and educates numerous live-in volunteers and paid interns, who operate the Farm’s various agricultural enterprises.

These enterprises include: Urban Gardening Programs at area schools, the Community Supported Agriculture program, and numerous Livestock (grass-fed beef, raw goat dairy, free-range eggs, pastured turkeys, raw honey, and more).

For more information, visit : http://worldhungerrelief.org/

Additional Vendors

  • Bare Bucha
  • Barefoot Five
  • Better Country Farms
  • Birdsong Lavender Farms
  • Blackland Prairie Pork
  • Bonnet Farm
  • C&J Herb Farm
  • Chapultepec Farm
  • Corona Violeta
  • the Crowned Bird
  • G&G Gary’s Grill


  • Heritage Creamery
  • Home Grown Farm
  • Kalba’s Farm
  • Kin Worthy Harvest
  • Kissing Tree Vineyard
  • Lawhon Farm
  • Legendary Persian Cuisine
  • Lightsey Farm
  • Lua Brazil
  • Maker’s Edge
  • Mama D’s


  • Milo
  • Oh My Juice
  • Silvia’s Kitchen
  • Steel City Pops
  • Taqueria Diaz
  • Tin Cup Farm
  • Waco Winery