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Vendor Bio: Richardson Farms.

Vendor Info from the Richardson Farms website:

The Richardson family has been involved in farming for several generations.  We are conservation minded in our farming efforts (see “Conservation Tillage“) and care deeply about the health and well-being of our animals.  All of our livestock are in large open areas/pastures and are free to interact with each other.

Richardson Farms prides itself in producing PASTURED poultry (broiler chickens, eggs, and turkeys)!!!  All of our chickens are “Pastured”, meaning, they are out on the grass/fields and are able to scratch the earth and eat as many bugs and/or grass that they can find.

Richardson Farms Pastured Pork is exactly that!  They are out on pasture and not confined to small pens! This enables the pigs to socialize with each other, dig in the mud, and eat as much grass as they want!  Thus, making happy pigs!!!

Our cattle are entirely GRASS-FED! Our herd is a mixed-breed herd.  We have an Angus bull but the majority of our cows are mixes.

Richardson Farms

Jim and Kay Richardson

2850 County Road 412

Rockdale, TX 76567


E-mail: [email protected]