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What’s In Season: November.

Greens (turnip, beet, and mustard) lettuce, strawberries, variety of fall tomatoes, kale (baby, curly, Red Russian, Siberian), beets, baby spinach, cucumbers (slicing, English and Armenian), okra, squash (pattipan, yellow, acorn, butternut), spinach, bok choi, broccoli, turnip greens, turnips, arugula, red potatoes, eggplant, radishes (French breakfast and watermelon), peppers (sweet and hot), onions (shallots, red and yellow), garlic, sweet potatoes.

Vendor Bio: Vanderpool Gourment Garlic and Gardens.

Vanderpool Gourmet Gardens is a CSA and Farm that specializes in Gourmet Garlic and Vegetables. We use sustainable and natural methods to grow our produce and enrich our land and local community. We are testing over 50 varieties of Garlic pioneering a new generation of garlic growing in the South. We have seed garlic for sale. Contact us for a tour of the farm. We have a CSA with lots of heirloom vegetables. We also raise honey bees and some fruits. We have a plant nursery and supply local gardeners with heirloom tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. We sell seasonally at the Austin Farmers Market and the Waco Farmers Market. Check out Vanderpool Gourmet Gardens on FacebookSome of our Garlic Varieties: Burgundy, Ajo Rojo, Siberian, Metechi, Chets Italian Red, Applegate Giant, Rose de Lautrec, Western Rose, Pskem, Guatamalan, Inchelium, Red Toch, Polish White, Lorz Italian, Vekak, Purple Glazer, Sonoran, Duganski, Mild French, Nootka Rose.
Located at:  1973 Old Ranch Road
China Spring, TX 76633

Contact Information:  Terry Vanderpool