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Organic Certification and Beyond – at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market

In response to an email we received regarding who at the Market is certified organic:

Most of our producers at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market are not organically certified. We have a few that are certified naturally grown. Many of our vendors have information at their booths detailing their pest and weed management practices. Many WDFM vendors do not feel the need to certify organic because they feel that through face-to-face interactions at Market, they are able to describe their growing practices to customers. Many producers also feel that organic standards certified by the USDA are inadequate to describe their own growing regimen.

Please talk to your farmers and ask them how they grow. Consumer-to-farmer conversations are crucial to strengthening our local food system.  We of the Waco Downtown Farmers Market want to provide the gathering space where local food is bought and sold, community is created and strengthened.  But we need your help to demand just and environmentally-sound growing practices.  All in all, talk to your farmers.

Learn more about the definition gradations between certified organic, naturally grown, biodynamic, conventional, and more at the Local Harvest website: http://www.localharvest.org/organic.jsp